The serious things began for us in March 2000 after the purchase of our first parcel of 46 ares to this place with the view to making wine traditionally but nevertheless very seriously involved with the local fortune. The recognition is immediate (citation in the Hachette Guide) and encouraging.Thus the business continues with purchases of vineyards in the area of the Domaine comprising today 10 hectares.

• The land
The group of the Domaine spreads itself principally on two types of soil of sedimentary origin. One is composed of a complex sand-lime red from where our red wines are produced; the more structured but also less lime content has occurred with time, more suited to revealing the aromatic finesse of our rosés. Moreover; a small part of the Domaine is situated on a distortion of the original rock metamorphosed and composed of gneiss schistes and micaschistes.

• The climate
It is fortunate that the vineyard is situated on the contreforts of Massif Central, the
climate being of the oceanic type, thus it benefits from mild winters.

• The planting of the vines
The two grape varieties that we grow are the Gamay and the Pinot Noir. The first represents 70% of our remaining vines planted.

• The growing techniques
Those that we practise are in accord with the preceeding factors quoted which
defines our land and which allows the most profound expression.